Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spelling Practice

When I set up my schedule I have centers that my students rotate through. For spelling I use some of these ideas
  • write words in gel pen on black paper
  • write with shaving cream
  • Cut and paste letters from magazine or ones I have typed
  • Egg Spellers- The teacher writes the letters of a spelling word on small pieces of paper and places them inside plastic eggs. Students pick the eggs from an Easter basket. The students then must write that word or cut and paste the letters.
  • Alphabet Stamps
  •  Write your spelling words in a pyramid shape. Start with the first letter. On the next line, write the first two letters. On the third line, write the first three letters. Continue until you have written the entire word. Example: the
  • Wagon Words- I draw a simple wagon (box and 2 wheels with handle). Write the word in the square and the first letter on one wheel and last letter on 2nd wheel.
  • Rainbow Write- First write your words using a pencil. Then trace over your words with a crayon. Then trace a second time with a different colored crayon. Finally trace a third time with another different colored crayon. Trace NEATLY and you will see the rainbow!
  • Spelling Chain- write word on construction paper links and make a chain
  • Clothes Pin Spelling- make clothes from construction paper and either put letters on clothes and student hang each letter to make a word or you can write letters on clothes pins and pin to something.
Often times I have students who struggle with spelling and I have to modify it. Sometimes I will just select the letters they need for one word or I go ahead and write the word and they have to "match a letter or trace".

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