Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: Children With Disabilties Reading & Writing The Four Blocks Way

This is a Carson Dellosa book that I bought a year ago. I used a few things from this book, but plan on using more this year. This book covers how to teach self selected reading, guided reading, writing and working with words. This book gives really good examples for scheduling these in a regular classroom and special ed classroom. It gives wonderful inclusion ideas including using communication devices and alternative pencils. It has ideas for using other technology as well. It also gives clear examples of how to teach to children with moderate to severe disabilities and why each of these blocks are important for special needs students.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Long Time No Blog

I am back to blogging! I had a crazy life for a while, but now things are good. I am planning for the fall already.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Predictable Chart Writing

When I first started teaching I struggled with teaching writing to low functioning students. Now I have lots of ideas and one of my favorites is predictable chart writing. The plan below carries me through the whole week and I can make it meaningful to my students by choosing a topic that the student can relate to in their world. Day 1: Pick a title such as My Favorite Sport or read a book with a repetitive phrase or desired theme. Get some chart paper and have students dictate their sentences to you and model as you write the sentences. Don't forget to program devices. Day 2: Reread sentences as a group or take turns chanting, clapping, counting words, tracking print, discussing our inner voice, word patterns or initial sounds and much more. You can practice lots of phonemic awareness skills here. Day 3: Write each sentence onto a sentence strip. Have the students read their own sentence. Next, cut up the sentences and mix them up so the students can practice arranging words into correct order to make a sentence. You can also cut into subject and predicates. I usually have students trade sentences to get more practice. Day 4: Have students "be the sentence". Give each student a word and have them line up in correct order. Program devices if needed. Day 5: Make a book with the cut up sentences. Have some pictures or drawing supplies and some construction paper available for students. Have the students glue their sentence onto construction paper and then they can draw a picture or glue a printed picture. Now you can make a book and put it in your classroom reading center. I have also done this for our field trips. My students love this activity. I got this idea from a workshop, but there is also a book with this same format with lots of ideas, Predictable Charts: Shared Writing For Kindergarten and First Grade. I just adapted it for specific kids as needed.