Thursday, June 21, 2012

How And Why We Adapt Books

I have found some great resources on ideas about adapting books for students with special needs. My goal is to build a library of books that are adapted so my students can enjoy books more. I have some kids that would love books if they could read better. Currently I don't have many kids that are able to participate in a silent reading time. There are so many great resources on this on the internet. Here are my favorites:

Here is a great powerpoint

Baltimore City School have pictures already made for you to use in a book
you can either past symbols above the words or off to the side of the page in order so they can follow along with the story. You can even "rewrite" the page with fewer sentences.

This link shows a powerpoint on how to use Baltimore City School website. You dont have to register, just scroll down and click thru slides:
NYC schools have some already adapted too

Tarheel Reader is a great sight where you can make your own story on the computer

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